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Healthy lunch?....the kids will eat it too!!

Happy New Year!!

So, it's that time of when we all say right no more chocolate and the diet begins!! But now the kids have gone back to school and you've finally eaten all that chocolate and cake let over from Christmas, you are back at work running round like a mad person, the last thing you need is a boring salad for your lunch!! am i right??

Well, in light of my new years resolution to finally loose that baby weight ( 2.5 years on! lol) so when i go on holiday i don't look completely ridiculous on the beach! Here are a couple of my fav lunches to kick start your January!!

The Interesting Salad!!

I cant stand boring salads, actually i wont eat it if its just a plate full of lettuce!! So why not try adding a touch of colour! Everyone puts lettuce, cucumber & tomato why not try adding these to it:

  • orange or red Pepper strips

  • coloured leaves

  • rocket

  • beetroot

  • walnuts or almonds give a salad a really crunch

  • Olives

  • avacado

  • boiled egg

  • strips off pitta bread or tortilla wrap

  • Protein is really important in your salad to fill you up, so chicken, ham, salmon, tuna or feta

  • Finally drizzle with some balsamic dressing or french dressing

You will be surprised but why not let your kids try it, by putting a selection of salad things on their plate that you know they will enjoy and something new for them to try. A pot of humous so they can dip their pitta bread strips into and voila! a healthy lunch box idea!!

Easy Soup!!!

Soup is a great way of shedding the pounds plus sneaking some veggie goodness into your kids! Make a big batch and you can freeze it and use it when you need it or put into containers for lunchtime portions! Here is one of my favourites, the kids love it too, its sweet and it doesnt taste like there is a vegetable in sight....

  • 1 onion

  • 3 sweet potatoes

  • 6 carrots

  • 500ml of chicken stock

  • 500ml of milk

Really easy chop up the veg and pop it into a big pan and saute for 3-5 mins using low cal spray if watching the calories! then pour in the stock and milk (skimmed if watching the calories) and bring to the boil then simmer for 25mins! Then whiz it up so it is lump free!!

What I love about soup is that you can throw anything veg in, seasoning and leave to simmer and then whizz up for a smooth soup or leave for a chunky soup and done! Something you can get your kids to help with and you can do it while you are preparing your tea for that night!

Let me know how you get on!

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