Cooking with Older Children; What can you let them do in the kitchen?

So in my previous blog we talked about what age is it best to start cooking and baking with your child which my personal view is as soon as they are sitting and able to feed themselves, There is no reason why they cant help you mix the cake mixture and put some sprinkles on a cake, though they may eat some of it! This is perfectly normal as very young children explore textures by their mouth as well as their hands, this is why you always see babies chewing on their finger or trying to put everything in their mouths that they see! If you missed this blog then you can check it out here;

This week I want to talk about older children and what you can realistically let them do. Now please don't take this as read as each child is so different to the next and you really need to judge it yourself as you know your own child. All I am providing is a guide for you!

Below is a table of some of the things you can start showing and helping your older child do, I have suggested from 8 years but like I said this is only a guide.

What is really important is when you are showing your child how to do any of these things is that you point out the following:

  • Talk to them about hygiene and why its important to wash hands before we cook and after we touch any raw fish or meat. Not forgetting to change the chopping board and knife if you have been cutting up raw meat or fish.

  • Show them how to use a knife or peeler properly and remember to speak to them about the dangers of a knife, You can always start off with a table knife for softer vegetables to get them use to handling one.

  • When letting them make scrambled egg for example, highlight the hot areas of the hob and that the pan will be extremely hot so only touch the handle

  • Letting them put their bakes in the oven and taking them out, again highlight how hot the oven is, how we use oven gloves and make sure we have long sleeves on, and not to touch the trays, the door or the sides of the oven.

  • Finally make sure you or another adult is supervising them while they are in the kitchen, as they get older and become more confident in the kitchen they will need less and less supervision.

  • Do remember by doing this with your child it teaches them life skills for when they are older.

Most of this is common sense to you and I and it will become that to your children too. I am sure most children who enjoy being creative in the kitchen already know about these dangers, but its better to highlight it again and again until you are sure that they are fully competent in the kitchen.

Do check out this handy video below:

Most of all let them have some fun and remember to praise their cooking to give them the encouragement they need to continue.

I hope you enjoyed my tips for cooking with older children. As usual I have shared with you a yummy recipe for them to try out! Do let me know how you get on, I do enjoy seeing your bakes and reading your comments.

Happy Baking!

Ruth xx

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