• Ruth Chubb

Have a Virtual Cuppa with Mum Today!

Wishing you all you lovely mummies a very happy Mother's Day!

It's a strange time for us all with the social distancing measures in place to protect us and to help stop the spread of the virus. I wanted to share this yummy recipe because even if you can't see your mum you can still enjoy these yummy biscuits, why not send the recipe on and you can both make them and then have a virtual cuppa together!

I have picked one of our favourite recipes that we all love and that is these Lemon Curd Biscuits, now I know some ingredients are in low supply, you can use jam or chocolate spread instead of the lemon curd. If you don't have enough flour you could always bump up the mixture with some oats.

If your children are young then this is a great way to get them into cooking it is easy for them to do and I'm sure they will enjoy using their thumbprints to make the dents in the biscuits for the yummy filling.

Have fun making these and enjoy a virtual cuppa with your mum today if you can't see her in person.

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