• Ruth Chubb

How to introduce curry to your children, yes even the fussy ones!

This week we are celebrating National Curry Week! I thought this was the perfect opportunity to give our tops tips for introducing curry to your children.

How do we start introducing curry to children, especially our fussy eaters; they won't eat anything in a sauce, the blander the better and they like everything separate on their plates. It's certainly a tricky one but why not give our tops tips a whirl!

  • As always, let them help you in the kitchen! Spices can be colourful so let them have a smell and tell them what they are. Ask them what they think, does it smell nice? If a deep red or yellow spice, ask them if they think it will change colour when you add it in.

  • The most important bit of advice is try them with something mild, make sure it is not overly spicy for them, their taste buds are very sensitive compared to ours and if its too hot it will just put them off!

  • Once they have tried some mild curry dishes and like them, gradually build it up, but I would recommend for younger ones to keep it mild, my 12-year-old is only just starting to like spicier curries. Though they are all different so you may find they will develop the taste for curry earlier.

  • Build it in to your weeknight meals, it doesn’t just have to be for a special occasion and it’s a good opportunity to get them to try different dishes.

  • If they like the milder versions, ask them if they want to try a bit of yours to see what they think.

  • You can introduce mild curries to young children as young as eight months old.

  • If they are not keen on curries with sauce, marinade your meat in the spices so it has the taste but not the sauce.

At Three Bears we like to explore all different kind of dishes with our Junior Chefs and Little Bakers and we have come up with these yummy Curry Bites. They are not overly spicy for young taste buds but full of flavour and great for a snack or light lunch. As always, we create our recipes especially for children so these are easy to make with your kids, though your little bakers may need a helping hand.

Check out our recipe here: National Curry Week Recipe

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