• Ruth Chubb

Kids in the Kitchen!

This may well fill you with dread! haha but follow our handy tips on getting the kids involved in the kitchen when you are making tea.

Life Skills...learning to cook and how to prepare food is such an important skill for children to learn, I do think its a shame that this is not covered on the curriculum enough in primary schools. It is so important to involve the kids from a young age in the kitchen whether its making something yummy or helping to prepare tea. Start these life skills from a younger age and it will reduce the amount of fussy eaters, though all children go through that fussy stage! I have a 5 year old who can be extremely fussy but all I ask is that she tries it. I do find when my children help me make tea they are so excited and much more likely to try new foods.

There is of course a limit as to what children can do but follow our handy guide which guides you through all ages and what they can help with. Please only take this as a guide as all children are different and if they are older and have never cooked or prepare food then they will need some guidance and most importantly always supervise them when they are in the kitchen there are so many hazards. From a young age I've always pointed out the hazards to my girls and explained them, but accidents can happen.

I hope you find this useful and lets start encourage our children to cook, throw away those packets and use a variety of vegetables, pulses, grains, meats or veggie substitutes and lets get our children cooking!

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