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Introducing Three Bears Cookery Club... our online classes

Introducing Three Bears Cookery Club, our online classes… What do we offer? What goes on in our clubs & workshops? Why are we so passionate about teaching children how to cook? Cooking with children, are we mad?? Just some of the questions we get asked, the latter one on especially! I am pleased to say no we are not mad just super passionate about cooking and the importance of teaching children how to cook!

“What are our online classes all about?” Since March we have been running all our cookery classes online over zoom. Whether you are a parent wanting to book on to our weekly online cookery class or a school or scout group wanting us to deliver an online cookery class to your pupils.

Our clubs are designed for children, to teach them the skills to develop independence in the kitchen. We talk you through the recipe step by step; from weighing out ingredients to helping you to get the right consistency in your bake! We can assist you with knowing when to get your bake out of the oven by describing what it will look like and what to look out for! We talk about the techniques that we are going to use and how we are going to do them.

“Does my child need an adult to help?” Generally speaking Children from ages 8 and up should be able to follow our clubs without adult help, though if they are at the younger end, they may need help putting their bake in the oven. Younger children, 5 – 7 years will need some extra support from parents but should be able to follow along. Our little bakers. Younger than 5 will need some hands-on adult help, just let them have a go and have some fun!

*please note that all children are different this is just our guidelines for the age groups, cooking with confidence depends on how used to them are at baking and cooking. If they are older but haven’t much experience with food, then they made need some extra support.

“What goes on in our classes?” The classes start off with a chat about the recipe, what we are making, what ingredients we are going to use and how we are going to do it. We then go through the recipe step by step, weighing out the ingredients as we come to them. Children are of course able to ask questions throughout the class and our teachers are on hand if they are unsure of anything or need some extra help. It is safety first so if we are using a knife, or the hob or need to put our bake in the oven we will also ensure there is a parent present. We don’t race off we make sure everyone is at the same pace and feeling happy with what they are doing, before moving on to the next stage.

“How do I log on to your classes?” We use Zoom for our online classes and parties, prior to the class you will receive the Zoom ID and Pin to join the class. You don’t need to sign up or have an account to access zoom. All you need to do is head to the zoom website:

1. click on join a meeting

2. type in the Zoom ID

3. click join

4. enter the pin

5. click join meeting

6. you will be then taken to our virtual waiting room until your cookery club teacher lets you in

We are so passionate about teaching children how to cook; not mad I promise! It is such an important life skill for children to learn to develop independence in the kitchen.

If you would like to try one of our cookery classes then head over to our website or join us on our social media, where you will find all the information you need to join us.

Website: www.threebearscookeryclub.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/threebearscookeryclub

Instagram: www.instagram.com/threebearscookeryclub

Twitter: www.twitter.com/3bearscookery

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC253wjLpXaYTaUIvjXgtZxg

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