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Why cooking with your child is important?

Updated: Jul 3

There are so many reasons I can think of on this subject but the one that stands out most of all to me is my memory cooking with my mum, I used to love helping my mum in the kitchen, feeling excited that we would be making something yummy to eat or just helping with tea. I use to watch how she did everything with ease and how she made it look so easy that I just wanted to join in too. This has stuck with me through my adult life and one of the main reasons I started the Three Bears Cookery Club. So as well as that bonding time and creating precious memories, even if you may feel a bit stressed out and feeling not sure of what you are doing your child won't see that and will be loving every minute of it!

Let them help; I always let my girls help in the kitchen whether it's making tea or on one of our clubs, I love that they want to be involved and encourage them to help. Sometimes my eldest wants to make tea, which I let her do because it instils the confidence in her that she can do it. By letting them help even from a young age it has given my girls the confidence to say I want to have a go at this on my own. I am always on hand if they need help but just by stepping back and giving them the space and the confidence they need to do it.

There is no doubt that encouraging your child to read the recipe with you and help you measure out the ingredients is going to help develop their literacy and mathematical skills. As they get older if you show them how to work from the recipe and follow each step you are also helping them to understand the structure of the recipe, the flow and the logic of following it in that order. I now try and get mine to think how they can adapt the recipe, what can they use instead or how could they make the recipe different. Using your smell & taste is so important in cooking, let them try and see for themselves, so they can work out what goes with what. If it all goes a bit wrong it doesn’t matter, let them experiment!

Little Ones; One of the questions I get asked a lot is what age is the right age to start cooking with your child, I always say as soon as they can sit in a highchair. They wont be able to do lots at a young age and will probably try and eat most of it but the important thing is, is that they are having a go and if it’s messy that’s ok just let them have fun with the mixture, feel the different textures of the ingredients and the different tastes. Show them how to mix and let them have a go! This all helps with their co-ordination, even decorating their cupcakes can help with their fine motor skills, plus it’s fun and tasty too! As they get older, the more they cook and bake the more confident they are and you will be surprised at how much they are able to do at a young age! So, don’t put it off just make sure you have the ingredients prepped and you are ready to go. It’s a great activity to do with little ones as well as helping them develop, you also get to eat some yummy treats too!

At Three Bears Cookery Club we are super passionate about cooking with kids and getting them involved in the kitchen. Baking is such a visual thing that children can see their results and show off their creations making them feel empowered, confident and pleased with what they have made! If the thought of cooking with your child is a little bit scary, don’t worry. Why not join us on one of our cookery clubs? You can find all the details here: www.threebearscookeryclub.com

Check out our YouTube Channel for our Live Bake Alongs suitable for all ages.

Fancy joining us Live? We are live every Friday. You can sign up to receive our updates here: https://mailchi.mp/c388d0740671/threebearslivebakealong

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